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A metropolis with 13 million inhabitants, the only city in the world, that streches between two continents, a historical background of over 2.600 years.

There is barely another european city with similar long and changeful history.A Greek colony, center of the Roman and East-Roman-Impire and imperial residence of the Otoman Impire: Greeks called it Byzantion, the Roman Constantinopolis and the Ottomans Istanbul. Over 1.600 years it served as a capital for three different impires.

Every second step one comes across a historical monument; here a greek ruin, then a roman pillar, a byzantine church or an otoman palace. Wandering around the narrow steets of the old city, one walks across a mosques courtyard, where pigeons appear in coveys, or one sees a vender bargaining with his clients. A mixture of european metropolis and an oriental fairy-tale. An exclusive flush for your senses.


The most important churches of the byzantine Empire are next to the masterly mosques of the Ottomans. Worldwide known museums and distinguished exhibitions with world popularity accomplish the various picture of the city. We do also pay a visit to the hidden beauties beside the main attractions. And there is always left some spare time to stroll through a bazaar and change the hectic pace into oriental calmness.

Istanbul might be the historically richest city in the world, and the EU has declared it the European Capital of Culture in 2010.