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* In the footsteps of Apostle Paul and Istanbul

* On the trail of the Apostle Paul

* The seven epistles with Istanbul

* Cities of the Synods

* The seven churches of revelation

* St. Paul and St. Thekla

* Missionary Journey of St. Paul

Asia Minar plays an important part in the course of early Christian development too. The ruling existence of the East Roman Impire in Asia Minor and its capital city Constantinopolis have deeply affected the development of the christian Religion.

Between the 4.th and 6.th centuries Asia Minor became the centre of Christianity. So the first eucomenical councils took place here. Cappadocia became the centre of the monastic life and Constantinopolis became the spiritual metropolis of the former christian world. Today it still is the centre of the greek-orthodox church.


The spiritual-historical past makes Turkey as a destination for cultural interested groups an important country. Spirituality is an impuls, which is common all over the world in all the cultures.

Aura is concentrating on the associational, not the seperational and achieves a positive impetus this way. Our tour guides in the realm of religions are deeply acquainted with the spiritual activities of the three major monotheistic religions of this world and have relevant experience as guides for religious-tourism.

We arrange at places in Turkey, that have a biblical importance, the opportunity to attend church service for groups travelling in accompaniment of a spiritual succour.

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