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* Blooming West Anatolia

* Istanbul, Cappadocia and Cilicia

* Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pisidia

* The Lycian Way - West

* The Lycian Way - Ost

* Central and East Anatolia with Istanbul

A hiking experience with Aura doesn’t have to be exhausting. Our hikes are designed to comfort participants of all age groups. Our emphasis is to explore the nature and have our guests discover the history an a culture which is new to them.

Travellers, who want to get an efficient perspective of the over 9.000 years old Anatolian Civilizations will be provided with special Hikes accompanied by experts. Those highly informative tours considering all civilizations of Anatolia do also give the participants the alternative to become the eyewitness of the ample mediterranean flora and fauna.


To help the participants to classify the “seen”, our hiking-educational-trips integrate, if there is a request, background workshops with a wide diversified choise of themes from mythology and ethnology to basic archaeological techniques.